Taite Anderson



Granger, IN

Taite Anderson

Granger, IN

I grew up in the small town of Alexandria, Minnesota, as the son of a dentist. My wife and I got married just before I started dental school and she started medical school. We studied hard for four years in Indianapolis before moving to La Crosse, WI, for residencies in oral and maxillofacial surgery and family medicine. My practice in Granger, IN, has grown to be a solid part of the dental community here, leading the way in education and innovation, founded on compassionate care. My surgical scope in OMFS consists of clinic and hospital based surgery, trauma, orthognathics, implant and pre-implant surgery, exodontia, pathology and orthodontic based surgery. Last year I was the world leader in the use of Navident (Claronav) for navigated surgery, utilizing it for more implants and other various surgeries than any other surgeons. I am grateful to be the director of the Third Coast Study Group, our local Seattle Study Club, which I founded in 2015. I am writing a textbook on oral surgery scheduled for publication in 2023. With a passion for teaching, I hope to inspire and challenge people to not only learn, but to grow.

My highest priority and favorite thing in life is my family. I have three young kids and have been married to my bride since 2004. They bring me more joy and laughter than I could have imagined when I started this journey. When we are not taking care of patients in our practices, Lindsey and I love being outdoors with the kids doing almost anything: sailing, playing at the beach, biking, sledding in our back yard, exploring... we enjoy so much.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
02.10.21 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry Taite Anderson ReThink Simple: The Art of the Simple Extraction
ReThink Simple: The Art of the Simple Extraction

ReThink Simple: The Art of the Simple Extraction

Location: Online

This discussion is intended to provoke new thoughtfulness and intention in the most common procedure.  Elements of surgical principles and wound healing are explored that will challenge anyone, regardless of experience or specialty, to think deeper about what and how you do what you do.  Science and art are woven together with practical applications that will be entertainment for the brain.


  • ReThink

    • principles of wound healing

    • soft tissue handling

    • hard tissue handling

    • instrumentation

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free