Sammy Noumbissi



Silver Spring, MD

Sammy Noumbissi

Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Noumbissi obtained his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Howard University in Washington DC. He was then selected to attend the prestigious Loma Linda University Graduate Program in Implant Dentistry. There he received three years of formal training in dental implantology which culminated with a certificate in Implant Dentistry and a Master of Science degree in Implant Surgery. He is a researcher, author and has published book chapters and articles in implant dentistry and ceramic implants in peer reviewed dental journals.

He is a visiting professor at the University of Milan, the University of Chiety-Pescara in Italy and visiting researcher in the materials department at INSA Lyon in France. Dr. Noumbissi is the founder and current president of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology which is an independent association focused on metal free and ceramic implantology.

He is a fellow and Ambassador at the Clean Implant Foundation whose mission is to assess production quality and purity of commercially available dental implant surfaces. Dr. Noumbissi has been practicing and educating dentists on metal free implantology since 2009. His practice is in Silver Spring, Maryland USA.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
02.15.23 Implant Dentistry Sammy Noumbissi Ceramic Implants: Myths, Realities and How Far Have We Come
Ceramic Implants: Myths, Realities and How Far Have We Come

Ceramic Implants: Myths, Realities and How Far Have We Come

Location: Online

Ceramic implants have been in clinical use for over forty years. They had difficult beginnings mostly due to limitations of the materials used in the early stages but also because of early designs that were not adapted to ceramics. Their superior biocompatibility however was never put into question. The last twenty years the manufacturing protocols of load bearing ceramic such as zirconia have made significant progress in terms of the mechanical behavior of zirconia when used as an implant material. The last decade has been one where we have witnessed an “explosion” in the use of zirconia in dentistry. Along with this phenomenon the manufacturing protocols and advanced formulas of zirconia have been created which have led to zirconia
becoming a stable, biocompatible, bioinert and structurally stable implant material. Today load-bearing implant bioceramics can be categorized in two major groups, namely Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia (Y-TZP) and Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ). Thanks to these improvements, clinicians now enjoy increase flexibility and a wider range of applications for ceramic implants as the one-piece implants are now available in two-piece configurations similar to conventional implants. Therefore, cementable and screw-retained prosthetics have become possible in a broad range of edentulous situations. Questions have been raised and remain about their osseointegration and long-term performance under function in the oral environment. This presentation will present case selection, clinical and systemic patient management and case planning workflows that contribute to the long-term success of ceramic implants in different
scenarios and levels of complexity of oral rehabilitation.

-The evolution of zirconia as a load-bearing bioceramic
-Case selection and treatment planning
-The biological behavior of zirconia in the oral environment
-Minimizing the occurrence of complications

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
04.13.23 Implant Dentistry Sammy Noumbissi IN PERSON CE: 12th IAOCI World Congress Ceramic Implantology
IN PERSON CE: 12th IAOCI World Congress Ceramic Implantology

IN PERSON CE: 12th IAOCI World Congress Ceramic Implantology

Location: Atlanta, GA

The IAOCI annual congress is about to take place for the 12th consecutive years. This 2-day event will be held at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta. We have an impressive roster of speakers who are some of the world’s foremost biomaterials experts, bioceramics industry leaders and experienced clinicians in the field of ceramic implantology.

There will be workshops conducted by world class clinicians and published authors on clinical skills but also the implementation and business aspect of promoting and presenting ceramic implants in your practice. Metal-free implant dentistry expert researchers, and others committed to best practices in ceramic implantology will be on hand for open discussions at the end of each day in a moderated Q & A speaker forum.

These presentations, workshops and speaker forums have been carefully selected and organized in order to deliver a scientific, evidence-based and above all a clinically relevant event for our attendees. This is an excellent opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with a fast-growing aspect of dental implantology. You will meet and connect with like-minded industry players and though leaders at the forefront of improving the quality of oral implantology and health care. I hope that you will be able to join.

See you in Atlanta!

Registration:  Click on the red Tab once on the event website


Credits: 24
Cost: $895