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Date Time Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
08.12.20 8:00 PM ET Implant Dentistry Christian Yaste, DDS Restoring Full Arch Dental Implant Cases: The Mystery Unraveled

Restoring Full Arch Dental Implant Cases: The Mystery Unraveled

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET
15 years ago the “All-On-4® ” by Nobel became widely accepted in dentistry.  Since then, Clear Choice dental implant centers alone have performed this process on over 50,000 patients.  Early appliances made of acrylic and titanium have started to wear out, creating issues for patients. Now there are an overwhelming number of these patients who are looking for dentists where they can have their appliances remade as well as maintained.
The GP dentist has traditionally shy’d away from restoring full arch implant cases for many reasons.  Lack of understanding, unpredictability, challenging lab steps, high costs, and overall complication of the workflow have kept the average GP from feeling comfortable with the process.
For 3 years I have been working with CDT’s and engineers developing 2 simple workflows for the GP to make restoring AOX/FP3 cases easy, profitable, and rewarding.  Now I am ready to share these workflows with you!
After watching this webinar you will:
-Have a better understanding of what the AOX/FP3 restoration is.
-Explore the technology needed to complete full arch restorations digitally.
-Communicate with your laboratory without confusion about the process.
-Be able to generate more profit for AOX cases.
-Understand 2 different workflows to getting final results in a fraction of the time.
-Have next to zero in house lab work to complete.
-Learn how to delegate processes to your team members to free up your chair time.
-Get more predictable esthetic, phonetic, and functional results for your patients.
-Discover how to differentiate your practice by adding a service few dentists have become proficient at.
-Create massive value for patients needing new appliances.
-Have an opportunity to attend a hands on, live course.
There has never been a better time to learn how to restore full arch AOX dental implant cases. Attend this Free webinar and you will be armed with knowledge and insight that only a very few dentists are aware of.
09.16.20 8:00 PM ET Orthodontics Michael Grossman, DDS The 4 Keys to Orthodontic Implementation in a General Practice – Let’s Make Ortho Profitable! Part 1

The 4 Keys to Orthodontic Implementation in a General Practice – Let’s Make Ortho Profitable! Part 1

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

This webinar will be an overview on why implementing orthodontics into a General Practice can be rewarding for both doctor and team.

Attendees will learn:
a.  The art of a great consultation
b.  How to make orthodontic procedures 90% assistant driven

09.30.20 8:00 PM ET Cosmetic Dentistry AnnMarie Olson, DDS The Heart of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Heart of Cosmetic Dentistry

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

In this post Covid-19 world, as we move out of our PJs and back into our office, what important lessons did you learn about time, family, and what really matters?  Are the reasons you came back to work consistent with the purpose and mission of your practice?

Patients are ready to pursue the things that bring them the biggest joy – and they might be in your office.  When you think about Cosmetic Dentistry in your practice, what stands out in your mind as the biggest “Joy?”  Is it the financial compensation for the practice, the excitement of delivering beautiful restorations or the deep satisfaction that you changed someone’s entire life – doing something you love?

Join us as Dr. AnnMarie Olson looks at “The Heart of Cosmetic Dentistry” including:

  • The Evolution of education, teachers and mentors
  • Connecting with patients through Emotional Intelligence and other techniques
  • Creating an experience of Grace and Gratitude that patients will never forget


Renew your purpose and mission to improve your patient’s smile – and their total health.

10.28.20 8:00 PM ET Dental Hygiene Whitney Howerton, RDH, MDH The Safe Dental Hygiene Appointment: Tips & Products to Break the Chain of Infection

The Safe Dental Hygiene Appointment: Tips & Products to Break the Chain of Infection

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Our new normal has us questioning how to protect ourselves, our team and our patients? What recommendation should we follow? What mask should we wear? What products should we use? When will guidelines change again? Clinicians may be fearful now of a career they know and love. Anxiety may be through the roof, but providing quality care and saving a life through improved oral health still draws us to our passion. Together we will discuss a traditional hygiene appointment and review tips and products to help break the chain of infection. Breaking just one link can change the game….in a good way!

Learning Objectives:
• Discover tips and products to create a safer dental hygiene appointment for both the clinician and patient
• Identify ways to reduce aerosol production such as pre-procedural rinses, hand instrumentation, use of the HVE and additional products available
• Gain confidence in complete patient care utilizing the current CDC, ADA, ADHA, and OSHA interim recommendations
• Think outside the box and discover little products that can make a big difference