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Date Time Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
05.29.24 8:00 PM ET Endodontics Lou Berman, DDS Failing Before Starting: When NOT to do Endodontic Treatment

Failing Before Starting: When NOT to do Endodontic Treatment

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

It’s a fact: perfect endodontic treatment can sometimes be unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the lack of healing can often be attributed to an inadequate preliminary diagnosis or an improper prognosis assessment. Dr. Berman will systematically review the many variables that should be taken into consideration before the bur ever hits the tooth, including endodontic case assessment, periodontal concerns, tooth restorability, and the detection and prediction of the presence of root fractures. After this presentation, you will never look at pending endodontic treatment the same way again.

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:
• Describe the variables that exist prior to endodontic treatment which may contribute to non-healing.
• Understand the variables that may be present, which may decrease the prognosis for a tooth requiring endodontic treatment.
• Discuss the reasons for the lack of endodontic healing based on an improper prognosis assessment.
• Describe the subjective and objective findings of root fractures as they may relate to the tooth and associated periodontal structures.

06.26.24 8:00 PM ET Implant Dentistry Sammy Noumbissi, DDS Ceramic Implants: A New Era in Implant Dentistry, Rationale and Clinical Applications

Ceramic Implants: A New Era in Implant Dentistry, Rationale and Clinical Applications

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Functional and aesthetic replacement of dentition has long been a challenge. Dental implants have been very successful in that regard and titanium continues to be the material of choice in dental implantology. However, after more than five decades of success, there is convincing scientific and clinical evidence that titanium and its alloys are not as stable and inert in the oral environment as they were once believed to be.

After Overcoming early manufacturing challenges, design flaws and ceramic materials physical limitations, load bearing bioceramics have made significant strides and inroads in dental implantology. These ceramics are made from zirconia composites (ATZ, ZTA etc.) which have been commercially available and in clinical use for the last twenty years. They are highly biocompatible, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and corrosion-free alternative to titanium and titanium alloys.

This presentation will cover zirconia as an implantable bioceramic material, the rationale, indications, and benefits of metal free teeth replacement. Clinical cases completed over a decade with different commercially available zirconia dental implants systems and prosthetics solutions will be presented.

-Understand zirconia as a bioceramic material.
-Understand and appreciate zirconia’s behavior in bone and the oral environment.
-The difference between biotolerance and biocompatibility.
-Understand the role of implant materials in peri-implant health.
-Understand the limitations of ceramic implants.