Cally Gedge


Cally Gedge
After setting up and running her own businesses since the age of 25, Cally’s entrepreneurial spirit and her unparalleled flair at ‘getting things done’ led her into the field of private dental office marketing.

Today she leads the award-winning Connect My Marketing team where business decisions are made through exploring new ideas coupled with existing data the company has been monitoring for the last 18 years.

Cally has a keen eye for spotting new opportunities and delivering results which is even more relevant today within the world of private dentistry. She believes in a strong work ethic coupled with determination and stamina and “consistent persistence” which she brings to her clients and team member’s lives every day.

Cally has a passion for analyzing data and her decision making is based on facts enabling the team to make informed decisions on spend. She has the ability to spot an opportunity and drives plans and strategies forward with energy and passion ensuring fast results.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
09.07.22 Practice Management and Human Relations Cally Gedge The Reality and Clarity of Social Media
The Reality and Clarity of Social Media

The Reality and Clarity of Social Media

Location: Online

A deep dive into the truth of why Social Media matters to your dental office but more importantly to your patients and prospects.

Together we will make the switch from time vampire to business resource, creating a strong reason why when used correctly it is an important resource for building credibility and authority in your local community.

The end result is that you stand out from your competitors and educate prospects on why they should choose your dental office above all others.

I will show you the following:
• How to match the right platform with the correct treatment.
• How to shine in your community by adding value and not competing on price.
• How to set up your pages properly for the best engagement.
• What does successful social media presence look like and how do I measure the results?

Learning Objectives:
– Learn simple criteria to distinguish between a routine restorative case and an interdisciplinary case
– Learn how to leverage digital workflows to enhance diagnosis and patient engagment
– Learn how to leverage your interdisciplinary team to optimize outcomes

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free