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Understanding Dental Insurance and PPOs

Does insurance drive you and your team crazy?  Are you getting denied for legitimate claims on common services like crowns and SRP?  Do you ever have patients upset because they owe more money after their EOB comes in?

This course will help teach you and your team how to navigate the maze of insurance systems and practices so that you can maximize returns for you and your patients almost every time.  There are simple and practical steps all throughout this CE course that will guide you to a better understanding of insurance and how you can confidently manage through today’s complexity.  Are you ready to change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance?

With great stories, background, and examples; let us help train your group to be experts at managing insurance to improve reimbursement and your relationship with patients.

Educational Objectives:

  • Help dentist and team to better understand insurance – smoother and more profitable.
  • The Insurance Game Explanation
  • Avoid common insurance issues
  • Understand Fraud – what it is, isn’t, how to avoid it
  • Get paid on the commonly denied services
  • How to offer premium/upgrade services