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Restoring Full Arch Dental Implant Cases: The Mystery Unraveled

15 years ago the “All-On-4® ” by Nobel became widely accepted in dentistry.  Since then, Clear Choice dental implant centers alone have performed this process on over 50,000 patients.  Early appliances made of acrylic and titanium have started to wear out, creating issues for patients. Now there are an overwhelming number of these patients who are looking for dentists where they can have their appliances remade as well as maintained.
The GP dentist has traditionally shy’d away from restoring full arch implant cases for many reasons.  Lack of understanding, unpredictability, challenging lab steps, high costs, and overall complication of the workflow have kept the average GP from feeling comfortable with the process.
For 3 years I have been working with CDT’s and engineers developing 2 simple workflows for the GP to make restoring AOX/FP3 cases easy, profitable, and rewarding.  Now I am ready to share these workflows with you!
After watching this webinar you will:
-Have a better understanding of what the AOX/FP3 restoration is.
-Explore the technology needed to complete full arch restorations digitally.
-Communicate with your laboratory without confusion about the process.
-Be able to generate more profit for AOX cases.
-Understand 2 different workflows to getting final results in a fraction of the time.
-Have next to zero in house lab work to complete.
-Learn how to delegate processes to your team members to free up your chair time.
-Get more predictable esthetic, phonetic, and functional results for your patients.
-Discover how to differentiate your practice by adding a service few dentists have become proficient at.
-Create massive value for patients needing new appliances.
-Have an opportunity to attend a hands on, live course.
There has never been a better time to learn how to restore full arch AOX dental implant cases. Attend this Free webinar and you will be armed with knowledge and insight that only a very few dentists are aware of.