Whitney Howerton


Whitney Howerton
L. Whitney Howerton, RDH, MDH is the Clinical Education Manager for Young Innovations, Inc. Whitney has shown her dedication to the dental hygiene profession through multiple leadership roles on a local, state, and national level. She completed her Masters in Dental Hygiene from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Whitney worked full time as a clinical and didactic instructor teaching a wide variety of courses including local anesthesia, head, neck and dental anatomy, special patient care, and advanced instrumentation. Whitney has been featured in familiar dental hygiene publications like Access and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. She is a past recipient of the Esther Wilkins Future Leader award and a proud member of the ADHA and ADEA.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
04.15.20 Dental Hygiene Whitney Howerton How to Take the NO Out of Fluoride Varnish
How to Take the NO Out of Fluoride Varnish

How to Take the NO Out of Fluoride Varnish

Location: Online

Knowing all about the science and technology of a fluoride varnish helps you connect the dots as a practitioner, but it rarely helps you explain the benefits to the patient in a way that helps them accept the recommendation you are making for their oral health. Together we will take the dental terminology and turn it into phrases that help patients connect the dots about the benefits a varnish can give them, especially in a day and age when people are more resistant than ever to “upselling,” or hearing things online that make them question fluoride and its benefits vs. risks.

Learning Objectives:
• The four reasons patients say “no”
• Introduction of value
• Empowerment vs. education and features vs. benefits
• Risk assessment discussion
• Overcoming communication challenges and working through patient resistance
• How to handle objections and other specific skills to overcome obstacles

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free