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Staying Relevant in a Fast Changing World – Tailoring Your Practice Through the Generations

This lecture will present a perspective of how fast dentistry is changing and will continue to change over the next 10+ years . We will take a walk into the future to understand what we need to succeed in this technologically advancing world. How can we remain relevant and thrive as corporate dentistry becomes more prevalent? There are three demographics that play a role in our practice success – Boomers, Gen-Xer’s and Millennials. Each have their own influence on our practices, but will their impact change over time? What changes will our practice styles need to adopt for each of these groups? Participants will be exposed to a variety of technologies to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of everyday dentistry and beyond. We will discuss a variety of scanning technologies and digital options to show how they can be easily implemented. Materials and product updates will be a part of this program. Participants will be shown ways to implement a variety of technologies in a convenient manner at their own pace.