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Smiles by the Numbers – Weaving the Tapestry of Smile Design (with a little help from the digital age!)

What do neuroscience, empathy maps and kan-ban boards have to do with designing smiles? How can we weave digital workflow into our patient journey for the maximum impact?
Understanding the keys of neuroscience gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our patients makes us better treatment planners and communicators. Empathy maps help us to create bespoke but consistent pathways to build that trust and frame those communications. Kan-ban boards illustrate the systems we can use in practice to track the progress of our patients.
The Tapestry of Smile Design builds on these systems allowing us to learn the rules, but also develop the artistic sides of our brains so we know how and when to break those rules, creating individual, healthy and beautiful smiles.
Objectives :
1. To explain how the science of smile design is building on geometric rules and incorporating artistic judgement
2. To discuss how neuroscience helps us to understand decision making in ourselves and our patients
3. To suggest how digital technology can improve our communication strategies and increase case acceptance
4. To describe management systems which allow tracking of the patient journey