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The Dahl Concept in Alignment and Incisal Edge Bonding

The Dahl principle is one of the most misunderstood yet powerful and underused treatment techniques in dentistry.

If used on the right patient at the right time, it can be used to carry out interceptive restorative treatments in many wear cases that can give many more of your patients a chance to avoid tooth preparations and be far more affordable too. Arguably if every dentist understood how to use it, no patient who saw a dentist regularly would ever need a full mouth rehabilitation.

This short course is designed to help you understand the Dahl principle to not only improve appearance but to improve function, guidance, and gain better long term occlusal stability in your cases.

In this course, Dr. Qureshi will show you techniques that will allow you to carry out truly minimally invasive predictably, and cover some of the basics of Simple Edge Bonding via the reverse triangle technique.

He will also cover how the Dahl principle works for direct restorative treatment as a direct splint and to gain space and in orthodontics and to place retainers with a functional safer outcome.

This unique course will also demonstrate many cases and long term follow up of restorative and orthodontic cases. Tif has been using the Dahl principle and created a unique protocol to make these direct bonding techniques with and without orthodontics predictable for nearly 25 years and has pioneered and developed the concept of ABB for 15 years with hundreds of cases completed and numerous long term follow ups documented.