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Cracked Tooth “Syndrome”

Cracked tooth “syndrome” is one of the most frustrating presentations we currently have in dentistry. It often leaves the patient and the provider feeling utterly useless and sometimes even deceived. This webinar will help you accurately diagnose these cases and ultimately allow you and the patient better control of this often uncontrollable presentation. After this webinar you will feel supported and ready to assist your patients in finding relief and understanding.

A new patient to your office describes intermittent tooth pain of several years duration. She has a fairly unremarkable dental history but has been noting increasing pain to biting that’s become a constant nuisance for her. Her prior dentist has tried several restorations and adjustments to no avail. She comes to you hoping you can fix her problem after completely losing faith in her previous provider’s abilities. This is presentation is a common occurrence for most practitioners and immediately our radars and red flags are going crazy. After this webinar you will have a precise and systematic approach to win over this patient and immediately start addressing her concerns.

Course Objectives:

-Understand the base etiology and pathogenesis of CTS

-Diagnose CTS based on history, examination, and radiographic methodology

-Treatment options for CTS based on accurate diagnosis and patient presentation

-Patient management strategies related to CTS and its often persistent symptomology

This webinar is a “must attend” for any practitioner seeing adult patients. Undiagnosed and poorly managed CTS will result in a loss of patient’s trust. This will lead to negative outcomes, lousy reviews, and ultimately patient attrition. This webinar will undoubtedly assist you in building the patient’s confidence in your abilities and prevent the unwarranted cost to your bottom-line and peace of mind.